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0022374mantisbthtmlpublic2017-02-14 15:34
Reporterj_schultz Assigned To 
Status newResolutionopen 
Product Version2.1.0 
Summary0022374: Link users and issue IDs in issue details / history
  1. The user names (reporter / assignee) in the issue details are not linked. So if you want to view the user details, you either have to be able to find this user somewhere in the issue history, or be an administrator with access to the user list. If the user page was directly linked from the issue details, these steps could be avoided.
  2. Similarly, in the issue history, items such as "parent of x" or "assigned to x" are not linked as well. In these cases, the related ID and user page should be linked respectively.
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2017-02-14 14:55

reporter   ~0055677

To go even further, product version numbers in the issue details and issue history could also be linked to changelog_page.php.



2017-02-14 15:34

developer   ~0055678

The user names (reporter / assignee) in the issue details are not linked

not always true, depending on show_user_email_threshold it is linked to email the user with issue id and summary as email subject.