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0022522mantisbthtmlpublic2017-03-15 18:22
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Product Version2.2.1 
Summary0022522: EVENT_DISPLAY_FORMATTED applied to bug IDs can result in broken markup

I have a plugin that does the following:

    function display_formatted($p_event, $p_text, $p_multiline)
        // Add links to SVN revision numbers
        return preg_replace('/\b(?<!\-)(r|revision |Revision )(\d+)\b/', '...', $p_text);

So, what it does is replacing SVN revision numbers like "r1234" by a link to a repository browser.

Now, apparently EVENT_DISPLAY_FORMATTED is also applied to issue names in title attributes of links, like so:
Assume there is an issue 0000001 named "test r1234".
Assume there is another issue referencing 0000001 somewhere in its description. The following markup is generated: ..." class="resolved">0000001</a>
So there is a link tag inside a link tag.
Long story short: Either issue names should not be displayed formatted, or the title tag must be passed through htmlspecialchars (or strip_tags should be called).

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2017-03-15 18:22

reporter   ~0056078

The generated markup is not shown correctly despite being placed inside a markdown block. I hope you can see the original markup by editing the issue.

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