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0022836mantisbtfeaturepublic2017-05-05 06:43
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Summary0022836: Delayed triggering of notifications to allow some time for corrections.

I find very often the need to immediately amend the newly created Note or Description because of error(s) in it.
This is mostly triggered by limitations of current editing fields not allowing to preview the end result, but there are also other reasons as well (seeing the text in the full context to name the one).

The problem is that notifications are triggered on the very first "Save", so they happily publish the initial text with its obvious spelling errors, warts and all.

As notifications are assumed to be unconditional in their very nature they have to be automatic but it would be highly desirable if they could be *postponed for some short time interval (10-30 seconds) after the last "Save".

This would at least allow correcting the writing mistakes before they are forwarded to whoever was eligible to receive the notification.

Is it possible/desirable to implement?

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