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Summary0022960: Request: "Follows" relationship

In my road map, I have some features and tasks grouped under another feature, which acts kind of like a category or header.

200 User System
203 Make user profile templates
202 Allow users to edit accounts
201 Create user account database

In this case, I want the three items to list in the roadmap in a specific order:
Create the database, make the templates, then add edit functionality

What I think would work is a relationship that can only have one value per issue, called "follows". 202 would follow 203, which would follow 201. Mantis would use this to determine the order in which to list the items, excluding any that don't belong in the hierarchy.

200 User System
201 Create user account database
203 Make user profile templates
202 Allow users to edit accounts

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related to 0008270 new Roadmap must be able work with Task/Subtasks 
related to 0004639 acknowledged New relationship "predecessor / successor" 




2017-06-01 02:29

reporter   ~0057009

I indented the items under "User System" but obviously, the indents did not show up.



2017-06-01 03:09

developer   ~0057010

Do you agree that your feature request is covered by 0008270 ?



2017-06-01 04:20

reporter   ~0057015

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Hi. 0008270 requests that the existing parent/child hierarchy have the ability to "collapse" nodes in "trees". In this case, "trees" are essentially what already exists in the Mantis roadmap. It then adds that nodes in the tree should show an overall progress, based on the status of nodes underneath.

That is a very different request, as compared with this one. My request is strictly about allowing the user to enforce an order on the listing of issues in the roadmap. It does not address the idea of progress display or collapsing nodes in a tree.

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