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0023281mantisbtfeaturepublic2017-08-31 04:51
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Product Version2.5.1 
Summary0023281: assign ticket back to original asignee after feedback

We are frequently writing to our staff in a bug note that after answering a question about a ticket, they should assign it back to user xy who oversees that issue. Is there any way of automating this using the feedback status?

So the desired workflow would be:
1) A manager assigns developer to do x.
2) The developer has specific question about the issue to another co-worker: He assigns the ticket to him using the feedback status.
3) The co-worker posts an answer and the ticket is then automatically returned to the developer.

To implement this, it would be necessary to distinguish between internal and external feedback status. I know OTRS supports something like this, which allows to gather feedback on a ticket from another user, but without fully assigning the ticket to her/him.

I imagine this could be done using a relating ticket depending on the first ticket, but this would create an enormous load of tickets for each question. Also, the answer to the sub-ticket would not be visible within the ticket notes.

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2017-08-30 11:23

developer   ~0057573

I don't think this can easily be achieved without complex changes.

The problem is that we need to somehow clearly identify who this "original assignee" is, vs the "temporary assignee / co-worker". So this would probably require an additional field in the bug table.

Also (but I guess that's open to interpretation), the notion of "Feedback" in the standard MantisBT workflow, is intended to request information from the user who submitted the issue

All this to say that I think it's unlikely that this would be implemented any time soon if at all; I would suggest you try to achieve what you want with a plugin, maybe in combination with a custom status (e.g. "internal feedback") to differentiate asking info from the user, vs co-workers.



2017-08-31 04:36

reporter   ~0057576

Thanks, @dregad. I will be looking into writing a plugin for that and come back to this ticket if any progress has been made.



2017-08-31 04:51

developer   ~0057577

OK. You can ping the team on [Gitter]) if you need help. And if you decide to make your plugin public, let me know and I'll set it up in the GitHub mantisbt-plugins organization for you.