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0023409mantisbthtmlpublic2018-04-12 07:55
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Summary0023409: Use RFC2231 file name encoding for all browsers

Currently Chrome and IE are handled specially when the content disposition header for a file download is created. This handling has at least for filenames which include brackets and other special characters the effect, that these chracters are html encoded and not transferred to the browser this way.
The result is an incorrect filename:
Original: Missing hub curve (L=0).txt
Result: Missing hub curve %28L%3D0%29.txt

The behavior is the same for IE11 and Chrome 61, as they are handled with a workaround implemented in 2009 (see 0011075). FF 55 receives the correct names as it receives a standard content disposition header.

It seems that this workaround is no longer needed and can be removed. A short test which removes the workaround of in core/http_api.php show the expected behavior.

Steps To Reproduce
  • Attach file with brackets in filename
  • Download file with IE or Chrome, see received filename
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