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0023545mantisbtuipublic2019-12-16 10:13
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Product Version2.7.0 
Summary0023545: problem with stylesheet/page design on different url (hostname/ip)


duo to a vpn connection, mantis is only accessible by an ip address from the outside. Because I wish to have these IP address in the notification email instead of the local hostname, I added "$g_path = '';" to the config. This works, but this way I have to open the mantispage also on the local mashine with the ip address. If I use http://localhost/mantisbt/ or http://hostname/mantisbt/ then there is a problem with the css or other included code, because all fonts are "times new roman" and the icons from the menus are missing. I'll attach screenshots.

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2017-10-25 11:13


ip_mantisbt.png (31,860 bytes)   
ip_mantisbt.png (31,860 bytes)   
localhost_mantisbt.png (23,941 bytes)   
localhost_mantisbt.png (23,941 bytes)   


2017-10-25 11:31

developer   ~0058055

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As far as i know:
$g_path should not be a different host that the one used to access the site by the client. Otherwise, included css and js may fail due to security policies (or simply inaccesible), as they would point to other hostnames.
That's why $g_path is calculated based on client's request

Unless mistaken, there is no option to set a fixed host/url for public facing notifications, shareable links, etc, so this should be acknowledged as an issue.