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0023853mantisbtuipublic2018-10-04 12:57
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Summary0023853: Using the back button to return to a "Report Issue" page doesn't work when there are file attachments

If you submit a bug report with invalid fields (e.g. empty description) after you've added some file attachments,

  • you can't return to the "Report Issue" page using the browser's "back" button (using Chrome)
  • the file attachments are lost when using the "back" button (using Firefox)
Steps To Reproduce
  • Visit bug_report_page.php report a new issue
  • Fill in the issue details, but leave the description empty (or just add some whitespace to avoid browser-based form validation)
  • Attach a file
  • Submit the issue



A necessary field "Description" was empty. Please recheck your inputs.

Please use the "Back" button in your web browser to return to the previous page. There you can correct whatever problems were identified in this error or select another action. You can also click an option from the menu bar to go directly to a new section.
  • Hit the browser's "Back" button to correct the problems


=> You are not forwarded to the previous "Report Issue" page, but to some other page you have visited before

=> All previously entered issue details are lost :(


=> You are forwarded to the previous "Report Issue" page, but the attachment is lost

Additional Information

Tested with:

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has duplicate 0023497 closeddregad "Back" browser action not working if there is attachement 




2018-01-19 09:39

developer   ~0058563

This issue has been reported already 0023497. Since the present report is more detailed, I'll resolve the other one.



2018-01-19 10:18

reporter   ~0058564

Thanks. I must have overlooked 0023497 when searching for similar, existing bug reports.



2018-10-04 12:57

reporter   ~0060740

We also have users reporting this. Pretty painful if you've invested some time in filling out the report.

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