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Summary0024023: auth_does_password_match() - use user auth_flags()

I'm working on a plugin that solves following use case

  1. Because All Company users use LDAP as login method, $g_login_method=LDAP;
  2. External Users and Service Users are not configured on Company Active Directory then need to have login_method <> LDAP, normally use MD5.

To get this target I've added a new table that holds user_id and login_method.

When calling auth_does_password_match() I need that login_method must be applied according to the user.

The only clean (IMHO) solution I've found is:

  1. add a new auth flag => login_method
  2. add Set and Get method for login_method on => AuthFlags.Class.php need to be modified
  3. modify auth_does_password_match() to get user login_method

please, can a developer from MantisBT dev team confirm this approach is OK for MantisBT ?

if the answer is YES, I'm going to create a Merge Request.

Thanks a lot

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