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0024033mantisbtpreferencespublic2018-02-22 16:03
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Product Version2.11.1 
Summary0024033: Add the" Automatically included in private projects" option for a users with Viewer acces level.

Hi, i want configurate the permissions options in the manage configuration. In the "config_inc.php" file i set the parameter "$g_private_project_threshold = VIEWER", but when i make that, the option "Automatically included in private projects" in Projects is activated at all access levels.

The easy form for make that is add in each project the user whit a access levels of Viewer. The idea is that the generic sea for all users with this level.

There is evidence in the attachments.

before.jpg: The settings before change the parameter "$g_private_project_threshold = VIEWER".
change.jpg: The change made in the file config_inc.php.
after.jpg: The settings afterchange the parameter "$g_private_project_threshold = VIEWER".

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2018-02-22 16:03


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