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0024129mantisbtemailpublic2018-03-16 11:43
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Summary0024129: Internationalized domain names are not displayed properly in automatic status mails

If MantisBT is operated under an internationalized domain name (IDN), the domain name is not displayed correctly in status mails.
The status mails contains the punycode, not the real domain name.
However, the link works anyway - this is a cosmetic error. :)

For background info, see:

Steps To Reproduce

Operate MantisBT on IDN, for example german domain totalgrü (<<this domain contains a special unicode char)

Status mail sent by MantisBT (REAL):

text cut

Status mail sent by MantisBT (SHALL BE):

text cut

Additional Information

MantisBT-Version 2.11.1
Schema-Version 209
PHP-Version 7.1.14
Datenbanktreiber mysqli
Datenbankversion, Beschreibung 5.7.21, 5.7.21-log
Windows Server 2012 with IIS

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