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0024426mantisbtdb schemapublic2019-06-16 13:25
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Summary0024426: Swapped default values for config table 'access_reqd' and 'type' fields

$g_upgrade[0] = array( 'CreateTableSQL', array( db_get_table( 'config' ), "
    config_id               C(64)   NOTNULL PRIMARY,
    project_id              I       DEFAULT '0' PRIMARY,
    user_id                 I       DEFAULT '0' PRIMARY,
    access_reqd             I       DEFAULT '0',
    type                    I       DEFAULT '90',
    value                   XL      NOTNULL",
    ) );

access_reqd defaults to 0 instead of be 90 (ADMINISTRATOR), whereas type defaults to 90 but should be 0 (CONFIG_TYPE_DEFAULT).

This is not a real issue in the code, because config_set() properly initializes all fields, but for consistency the schema should be changed.

Problem exists at least since the introduction of the installer in MantisBT 1.0.0a3.



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