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0024583mantisbtbugtrackerpublic2018-07-23 12:46
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Product Version2.15.0 
Summary0024583: Additional feature for date/time control at manage project page

I think the selection of the release date/time should have additional options.

  1. Button to set "now"
  2. Button to add one year

Let me describe our workflow and I think this is similar to workflows of other MantisBT users.

  1. Create version (this is a future version and "Release" is unchecked) - the date/time picker shows "now". Because of this is a future version I don't know when this will be released. So I like to have a button to set the date/time to "now + 1 year".
  2. After any bugs for this release are resolved I set the version to "Release" and like to have a button to set the date/time to "now".
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