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Summary0025135: Implement a formal page structure

It seems a step forward for the current layout of pages is to define a formal site structure of pages.
Some example issues with current system:

  • We have discussed how weak is the current manage menu, where we don't know for sure if any of the derived pages can actually be shown. Even if the check can be done, they are hardcoded, and also needs to account for plugin manage pages that are dynamically inserted.
  • Inability to tweak standard pages position, visibility, in menus
  • ...more?

If going for a more systematic structure, other goals could be progressively achieved:

  • Delegate the rendering of pages, clean up the base dir of mantis
  • Improve action pages that display forms, receive submissions, perform changes, for a better UX
  • ...etc?

It can be discussed if there is any ready-to-use framework, or if it's better to invest into a custom approach. I guess the latter would better fit to provide progressive changes and backwards compatibility in the process.

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