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0025535mantisbtadministrationpublic2019-04-14 10:19
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Product Version2.19.0 
Summary0025535: GUI - fast switching between Projekts are needed i'm a manager, its difficult to mange various projekts at the same time

GUI - fast switching between Projekts are needed i'm a manager, its difficult to mange various projekts at the same time

Could it be possible to Change MantisBT Design, that (for example by Mauscursor at the right side, poping out a much better accessible menü) mouse goes away its faded out....

you could use a icon for that poping in poping out mechamism

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2019-03-18 16:25

reporter   ~0061697

This might help:



2019-03-18 16:34

reporter   ~0061699

yeah, thx4info link...

i mean more like a classical menü that is accessible all the time, without klick n search in the top-menü....



2019-04-11 19:23

reporter   ~0061901

i've build an exemple for that behaviour what i'll prefer.
Something that you could grab from my page and copy to mantisbt
its the left-docked mouseover menü
Go with the mouse over the "->" symbol on a PC on a mobile is it another behaviour.



2019-04-13 15:36

reporter   ~0061924

i've forked mantisbt von github.
But never have done code-contribution. Could anybody help.
At Time i've a lot other stuff to do, i hope the integration is not as difficulat as i see.

how to work together?
i would like to make this an config option, only if $gbl_var = true (default = false) then it would be rendert.

since 2009 and Menü hat no really menü and supporting many projects to mange at the same time.
But what i've read the new search sounds really good, my stuff is then not needed...



2019-04-13 17:58

developer   ~0061925

how to work together?




2019-04-14 10:19

reporter   ~0061928

thank you!

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