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0025626mantisbtfilterspublic2019-04-09 11:34
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Product Version2.20.0 
Summary0025626: Saved filters (old and new ones) not working correctly

We recently updated to 2.20.0 and everything seemed to work fine.

Now, if you access the "View issues" page and try to use a saved filter (only tested with private ones), the page refreshes but no values have been selected.
Creating a new filter does not seem to work either. Selecting the newly created filter gives the same results.

However, if you access the "Manage filter" page, edit one of the filters there and then update it, the filter starts working again. Has the filter format changed in any way in 2.20?

Additional Information

MySQL 8.0.12
PHP 7.3.3
Mantis 2.20.0

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2019-03-20 05:51

developer   ~0061721

Please clear your browser cache to reolad new javascript files and try again



2019-03-20 06:34

reporter   ~0061723

I already tried that, but it does not help unfortunately.

Noticed another detail though:

  1. select working filter (via the workaround I described)
  2. change any filter selection (previously non-filtered or with existing value does not matter),
  3. save as new filter
    If you were to select this new filter, the selected values are the same as in the filter you based it on.

And I assume that OpCache shouldn't be a problem? Or are you actually generating php files on the fly?



2019-03-20 20:40

developer   ~0061727

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Has the filter format changed in any way in 2.20?

Not the structure
Note that part of the ui for filter dialog has been modified, and that may have included some changes in the related javascript. That's why i suggested clearing the browser cache.

I can't reproduce any of your issues. Filters are selected. They can be saved and afterwards selected, working as expected.

This tracker is currently updated to >2.20. Can you reproduce those issues here?



2019-03-21 07:17

reporter   ~0061729

Can you reproduce those issues here?

No, but I also can't create new filters here. I think the problem lies within the saving of the filters. But as you can't reproduce the issue, I guess there is something wrong with our installation? I will look furhter into it.



2019-04-03 11:03

reporter   ~0061818

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Yes, we have this issue also after just updating to 2.20.0 from 2.10.0. We have found that when the filters box is expanded, then selecting a filter in the Load drop-down has no effect. However, if we collapse the filter toolbox, then selecting a filter in the drop-down works correctly and the page updates to show the reports we were expecting.

As suggested above, doing a cache clear of the View Issues page has fixed.



2019-04-03 18:17

developer   ~0061819

@senex as explained it seems to be related to an outdated javascript cache in the browser after upgrading
Can you confirm if this is the issue you experienced, so we can close this ticket?



2019-04-05 08:04

reporter   ~0061838

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Yeah, even though I cleared the cache already, it now seems to work. Hmm, strange.
So yeah ticket can be closed.



2019-04-05 22:17

reporter   ~0061841

I also ran into this problem.
Reloading the page helped.
The question is, can we somehow avoid this in the future? For example, if something changes in the files that can be cached, rename these files, or add a prefix to the file name with a time tag.
Thus, the browser is guaranteed to download the updated file.



2019-04-06 05:58

developer   ~0061842

if something changes in the files that can be cached, rename these files, or add a prefix to the file name with a time tag

yes. that would be a solution.
At some point (cant find the related issue now), there has been talked the possibility to create a build process that prepares, packs, minifies, etc, the static js and css files, for a release build. That would be the place to implement your suggestion.

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