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0026071mantisbtplug-inspublic2019-08-23 10:57
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Summary0026071: Provide the full BugnoteData structure EVENT_BUGNOTE_DATA

Currently, the event chain only processes the bugnote text.

To be consistent with the way EVENT_BUG_UPDATE_DATA works for Bugs, and to allow more control to plugins hooking this event, it would make sense to have the event signal send the whole BugnoteData structure as parameter.

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Follows discussion in 0025908:0062635

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related to 0025908 new Block URLs in Public Notes from Anonymous Accounts 




2019-08-23 10:57

reporter   ~0062641

Regarding attached files - the inner functionality is important for implementation (and you therefore may wish to mark 0021733 as something this bug is dependent on), but from a plugin developer's standpoint, since they're submitted together, one would naturally expect them to be "evented" together as well.

It may also be instinctive to split this bug into two stages because of that, but even though it'll slow down what I want to accomplish (namely getting the View Status), for backward-compatibility sake, they should probably be done at the same time. Better to add two variables in one breaking change than two breaking changes with one new variable each time, right?

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