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0026133mantisbtdb postgresqlpublic2023-02-14 05:09
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Summary0026133: Case sensitivity on View Issues searches

With a case-sensitive back end (such as PostgreSQL), searches in View Issues are case-sensitive. There is code in core/classes/DbQuery.class.php to handle this, but it does not appear to get used. There is a function, sql_ilike, which calls sql_like with the final parameter set to true to force case insensitive searches. However, there are no calls to sql_ilike anywhere I could find. Setting $g_db_type to pgsql does not help; sql_like is still called with the final parameter set to the default set to false. In my opinion, this default should be set to true. The code only responds to a "true" setting if the back end is case-sensitive.

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has duplicate 0031190 closedatrol Bloc de recherche : recherche via le champ de recherche est sensible à la casse 


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