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0026471mantisbtapi restpublic2019-12-26 08:22
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Product Version2.23.0 
Summary0026471: REST API does not have search methods similar to SOAP API

SOAP API have methods like:

  • mc_issue_get_id_from_summary - search issue ID by summary (title)
  • mc_filter_search_issue_ids - search issue IDs by complex query (including searching by custom fields)

New REST JSON API should offer similar functionality.

If this is already possible - documentation should be updated to reflect that. Right now most of the are extremely short one-liner descriptions.

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2019-12-15 07:36

developer   ~0063284

Just a side note concerning

mc_issue_get_id_from_summary - search issue ID by summary (title)

I think this is a quite questionable function, e.g. what's the expected result if there is more than one issue with that summary?



2019-12-25 07:22

reporter   ~0063335

Is there any reason why this function can not return multiple ids?

Even if it would return single id - this function is useful when summary is unique. For example, bug reports are being created via API, without human interaction.



2019-12-26 08:07

developer   ~0063343

Is there any reason why this function can not return multiple ids?

You would have to introduce a new function as changing this one would break existing API / apps.



2019-12-26 08:22

reporter   ~0063344

This whole ticket is about new functions. REST API have no such functions.

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