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0026691mantisbtapi restpublic2020-02-10 13:15
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Summary0026691: Add Logic to select what issue attributes have to be returned

IMHO it will be great if the getIssue call will have an additional parameter to select the amount of information to retrieve
For some use cases, you do not want to retrieve the issue history or the notes.

I've inspected the code and it seems all the magic happens in file mc_issue_api.php -> mci_issue_data_as_array()
The needed change means to add (brute force solution) code like this

if ( isset($p_attr['steps_to_reproduce'])) {
the original code.

where p_attr will be a new function argument.

Another solution is to have a config variable at the project level that will allow a more static and less flexible configuration to select what attributes to retrieve.

Probably a new REST API route to get ONLY the issue history can be useful


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