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0026961mantisbtcustom fieldspublic2020-05-15 05:19
Reporterhans peter Assigned To 
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Summary0026961: enable remove of custom field from multiple projects

haven't found an existing issue for this so:

we have a custom field linked to ~ 300 projects.
now i want to remove the link to ~ 200 projects, but keep the rest.
i'd have remove every single link, and accept the removal in next dialog.

my ideas:

  1. create an "remove from all projects" button
    simply add a button to e.g. bottom of list, so i can remove all links and re-link again to just the projects i need.

  2. enable possibility to "re-select" new link list
    instead of selecting links from the projects list and adding new links,
    replace the project links.
    i have ~ 300, so i select only the ~ 100 i want to keep, select "link custom field", and now only my ~ 100 projects are linked to the custom field.

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hans peter

hans peter

2020-05-15 05:19

reporter   ~0063987

if there is a simple way to accomplish my requirement with current version, please let me know.
but i haven't found yet.