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0027200mantisbtbugtrackerpublic2020-09-05 15:57
ReporterBasCostBudde Assigned To 
Status newResolutionopen 
Product Version2.24.1 
Summary0027200: bugnote_update fires EVENT_BUGNOTE_EDIT but does not clear the note cache

When a plugin I wrote tried to do something with the updated note, I kept getting the old values.

Suggested fix in bugnote_update.php, right after line 80

bugnote_set_time_tracking( $f_bugnote_id, $f_time_tracking );
+ unset($GLOBALS['g_cache_bugnotes_by_id'][$f_bugnote_id]);
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related to 0021876 closedvboctor Email notifications for notes shouldn't include full issue information 
related to 0021884 closedcproensa Use meaningful names for bugnote cache global variables 
related to 0027217 resolveddregad bugnote_clear_cache() does not work properly 




2020-09-02 07:17

developer   ~0064338

Accessing the global variables directly is not the right way of doing this; you should be calling bugnote_clear_cache() instead, like so:

diff --git a/bugnote_update.php b/bugnote_update.php
index 414a0fe62..df204d7d4 100644
--- a/bugnote_update.php
+++ b/bugnote_update.php
@@ -78,6 +78,7 @@ $f_bugnote_text = trim( $f_bugnote_text ) . "\n";

 bugnote_set_text( $f_bugnote_id, $f_bugnote_text );
 bugnote_set_time_tracking( $f_bugnote_id, $f_time_tracking );
+bugnote_clear_cache( $f_bugnote_id );

 # Plugin integration
 event_signal( 'EVENT_BUGNOTE_EDIT', array( $t_bug_id, $f_bugnote_id ) );

That being said, to ensure consistent behavior I'm wondering if it would not be cleaner to clear the cache in the bugnote API functions performing updates, i.e. bugnote_set_text(), bugnote_set_time_tracking(), bugnote_set_view_state() and probably bugnote_delete() as well.



2020-09-02 10:24

reporter   ~0064339

The bugnote_clear_cache call, while obviously the way to go instead of meddling with globals, does not remove the entry from the bugnoted_by_id cache structure :( should that be updated in the call as well then?



2020-09-02 11:02

developer   ~0064340

The bugnote_clear_cache call [..] does not remove the entry from the bugnoted_by_id cache structure

I didn't actually look at the code, but it sounds like a bug in bugnote_clear_cache().



2020-09-02 12:25

developer   ~0064341

Here's what happens with bugnote cache functions:

  • bugnote_clear_cache() calls bugnote_clear_bug_cache() -- That makes sense because if an individual bugnote's cache becomes invalid, then we'll also want to make sure it is reloaded from DB the next time bugnote_get_all_bugnotes() is called.
  • bugnote_clear_bug_cache() loops over all the bugnotes cached for a given bug id ($g_cache_bugnotes_by_bug_id) and removes the corresponding individual bugnote cache items ($g_cache_bugnotes_by_id) -- I'm not sure it is strictly necessary or useful to do this, but other than a potential performance degradation, it will not hurt.

So the logic only works as long as the bugnote has been stored in $g_cache_bugnotes_by_bug_id, but fails in the scenario where the bug-level cache has not been populated.

This can easily be reproduced and confirms the bug :

include 'core.php';
$id = 1234;
$note = bugnote_get( $id );
bugnote_clear_cache( $id );
isset( $g_cache_bugnotes_by_id[$id] );   # true -> cache has not been cleared

bugnote_get_all_bugnotes( $note->bug_id );
bugnote_clear_cache( $id );
isset( $g_cache_bugnotes_by_id[$id] );   # false -> now we're ok


2020-09-02 12:33

developer   ~0064342

I opened 0027217 to track the bug in bugnote_clear_cache().



2020-09-02 13:04

developer   ~0064344

@atrol @cproensa @vboctor your thoughts on where to put the clear cache calls (see 0027200:0064338) would be appreciated



2020-09-05 15:57

developer   ~0064367

I'm wondering if it would not be cleaner to clear the cache in the bugnote API functions performing update

+1 for that

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