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0029453mantisbtsqlpublic2022-01-05 14:50
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Product Version2.25.2 
Summary0029453: When copying versions from a project to another an SQL error can happen

I just noticed that if you copy versions from one project to another (to keep them in "sync") it can happen that you run into a SQL error complaining about a duplicated key in the version table.
The reason seems to be that the PHP code is case-sensitive, but the SQL check isn't.

Maybe it's our config, if so excuse the false alarm. If it's a known issue or something we can change I'm happy for any feedback.

Steps To Reproduce

Given Project A and Project B, both having the following version
Project A: version-1
Project B: Version-1

If you now try to copy the versions from project A to project B the error happens.

Additional Information

The attached image shows the error we get.

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