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0004134mantisbtfilterspublic2015-09-15 16:15
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Product Version0.19.0a2 
Summary0004134: Clicking on Project Name in view_all_bugs has unexpected results

If you select "All Projects" in the view_all_bugs page, you are presented with a list of bugs. There are link in the category column that I would think would filter by the project name. Clicking the link is inconsistent, either sorting ascending or descending by the project name. The almost never end up with the project you click in the first page of the list.

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related to 0020117 new Project hyperlinks don't point to project page. 




2004-07-24 08:18

reporter   ~0006308

I wonder if rather then sorting it should just do a filter for all the bugs in the project you click on.

atm, it seems to sort DESC by project in your filter, or ASC by project in your filter. Useful for people to be able to filter, then sort by project - but the way it's laid out to me seems like you'd expect to just get a page relating to the project you click...

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