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0004390mantisbtotherpublic2015-03-02 08:04
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Summary0004390: Report in PDF

I would like to export the Data shown in "Main-Menu"->"View Issues"->"Print Reports" in PDF-Format instead of Word or Excel.

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2004-09-08 09:06

manager   ~0007490

So which library are you planning to use to generate PDFs? I would like as usual, that we don't depend on a PHP module. I used the following library before and I think it was good:

Feel free to propose others.

I think the feature to generate PDFs should be enabled once the user sets in the config the path for the library we are using, or an ON/OFF flag. We don't necessarily have to distribute the library with Mantis. This can be decided when we choose the library.



2004-09-08 09:23

reporter   ~0007492

In my opinion the ON/OFF-Flag (similar to jpgraph implemenation) would be a good solution.
I have no prefered pdf-library. I think it's not critical because the pdf-document normally contains plain text with some boxes. It should look like the Word-Docoment. A table of contents (Similar to "View Issues"-Table) with document-internal-links at the beginning of the pdf would be nice for later implementations.



2004-09-08 12:39

reporter   ~0007497

Yes, I think we should use something without dependencies on a PHP module.

I've tried some classes to generate pdf and fpdf is a very good solution.
It's easy to create a pdf which looks like the Word output.



2009-06-13 04:06

developer   ~0022125

Unassigned after having been assigned for multiple years without progress.

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