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0004895mantisbtbugtrackerpublic2008-07-28 14:03
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Product Version0.18.3 
Summary0004895: Wish to make "Add bugnote" field manadatory while "Resolving" bug.

I want to make "Add bugnote" field manadatory while "Resolving" bug.
I made changes in bug_api.php n added func for bug_resolve().
I kept 1 check for bugnote_field == empty n then flashed Mantis_error.
Actually while resolving the bug , if the bugnote field is empty it flashes error (eg.bugnote not found)and with $s_error_no_proceed it gives msg as "click on back button on ur browser....." but after clicking it it gives error as "Warnig: Page has expired" click on "refresh" n after clickg "refresh" button it asks to "retry", after that it goes back to original "resolve_page.php" page, but i wish it shld behave same as while "reporting the bug" n not mentioning "Summary" field.

ie all n all my back button on broser shld work
plz help


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2005-01-12 20:10

reporter   ~0008987

This is covered in the manual <>. Unfortunately, it's not available right now.

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