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0005005mantisbtfeaturepublic2006-04-27 10:33
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Summary0005005: 'Save All' button for issue update screen

It would be great to have a "Save All" button on the issue update screen that updated each thing that is changed by a user. In this way, many pieces of information about an issue could be updated at once.

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2004-12-17 14:02

reporter   ~0008705

And what would be the difference with the 'Update Issue' button? Or am I misunderstanding your request?



2004-12-17 14:09

reporter   ~0008706

Glad you asked! So, say I'm an admin and I'm viewing this issue. I am writing this note to describe the issue in more detail. I've also gone and chosen "Confirmed" from the status dropdown, plus I've chosen a user to assign the issue to, plus I'm uploading a screen capture of an error message.

There is no single button that captures every single change I've made all at once.

"Update issue" appears to be for a different purpose...



2004-12-17 14:35

reporter   ~0008708

I mean the 'Update Information' button on the Update Issue screen, although I agree you cannot do some of the actions you described with this.



2006-04-27 10:31

reporter   ~0012739

Last edited: 2006-04-27 10:33

I'd like to second this one. Our QA department has asked me many times for this functionality. Particularly the the ability to add a note, relationship and attachment all at the same time. Currently it requires three separate operations.

Note that this actually refers to functionality on the View Issue page, not the Update Issue page.

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