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0005313mantisbtfeaturepublic2006-12-18 06:53
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Summary0005313: Assign to button: Open screen to add a note

The button "assign to" allows to quickly assign a bug to another person.
It would be great to have the posibility to add a note for the newly assigned person in the same step.

Any hint to include this funcionality easily until it will become a feature of a new release?

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2006-08-15 09:27

reporter   ~0013274

I´m looking for the same functionality



2006-08-16 11:27

reporter   ~0013278

I'd argue choosing 'change status' to assigned, select the person, write a line or two and assign does the trick. Doing this in the issue screen is likely to overload it and this way it is really only one click more



2006-08-17 10:32

reporter   ~0013289

I think what he's asking for is for the "Assign to:" button to present the same page as the "Change Status To:" button but with the choice of assignee and new status already completed. Then all the user needs to do is type the desired text (if any) before completing the assignment.

Also, how would you use the "Change Status To:" button to do this when the issue is already in the assigned state and you are reassigning it to a different user?

Assigning an issue is such a common task that any improvement in ease of use is a good thing.



2006-12-15 13:12

reporter   ~0013835

I was also looking for this functionality. Does anyone have any advice about how I could quickly accomplish this myself with some mods to the php?



2006-12-18 06:53

reporter   ~0013841

Thank you "gtomlin" for your interpretation of my request: YES, that's exactely what I'm looking for.

The steps in processing a ticket in this manner would be:

  • click corresponding ticket to open it
  • scroll down and choose user to assign the ticket to
  • click "assign to:" button

    NEW .. that's what I'm looking for >>:

  • enter a note for the newly assigned user in the upcoming textarea field
  • click ok and that's it

In the actual processing of today to achieve the same, the steps are:

  • click corresponding ticket to open it
  • scroll down
  • click "update issue" button
  • scroll up
  • update "assign to" combo to assign ticket to the desired user
  • scroll down to the "note" textarea
  • enter a note
  • click "update information"

Means, I just would like to shorten this process.

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