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0005628mantisbtfeaturepublic2019-12-23 06:32
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Product Version1.0.0a2 
Summary0005628: Save bugs as Draft

In our company, we are about to implement Mantis as a case tracker (we are the first newspaper editor in switzerland). In our context, reporters may not have necessary quiet time to report their bugs with all the details we require for resolution.

I'm not a specialist in PHP, and I dont what to change the Mantis standard, so I address you this feature request.

My idea was to implement a status "DRAFT" before the "NEW" status, and to give access rights to reporteurs to act on status modifications, just to post them as "NEW" when completed.
The problem is that, in order to be able to update their bug's information once it is created in draft, I need to give them access to the update of bug information: AND I don't whant that.

I think it will be interesting to define a threshold that allow the reporteur to update the initial bug information (the info on the submission report and only that one) as long as it is not in the status corresponding to "NEW".

What do you thing about that ?

Additional Information
  • This will require a status threshold:
    $g_bug_Draft_status_threshold (Default = '%bug_submit_status')
  • Modification of some code of course:
    If this threshold is lower than $g_bug_submit_status then an additional button 'Save as Draft' is available in the bug submission form.
    If this button is pressed, then the bug is stored in status corresponding to the draft status, but no email notification is sent.
    Later, when the reporter comes back, the test on $g_bug_Draft_status_threshold value allow the reporter to edit the bug information (but only the fields corresponding to the submission form), save this and change the status to NEW


2005-06-04 10:46




2005-06-04 10:54

reporter   ~0010362

I did the implementation in our test system based on version 1.0.0a3.

You will find attached the files modified to implement the feature. If the solution is acceptable for you, you can implement it in the feature release. It will be my contribution.

Enjoy it anyway !!!

Note: read the readme because some setting that where done in my custom files should require to be placed in MANTIS standard cinfiguration files.


All MANTIS usual access level threshold or feature defined with config_defaults_inc.php and config_inc.php are respected, including workflow features and action groups (view_all_bug_page). The only deference is that once an issue is DRAFT, it is considered as now modifiable for everybody except the reporter or at least a manager access level (global or project).

In addition, as long as the issue is not NEW, the reporter or manager can update SOME FIELDS and save again. But they cannot add NOTES (nor update or delete existing notes), send reminders or create childs.
The fields that can be updated are those available form the simple or detailed submission form.


Once the last modifications are done (either in standard MANTIS files or in your custom files), to activate the feature, you have to define the following in your custom_inc.php:

In : config_inc.php

Activate draft feature by setting the value to DRAFT

$g_bug_draft_status = DRAFT; # instead of '%bug_submit_status%';

#define workflow components if required
$g_status_enum_workflow[DRAFT]= '10:new'; # for instance
$g_set_status_threshold = array( 

#finaly you may need/want to tune Email setting to 
    # avoid notifications as long as issue is draft using
    # $g_default_notify_flags, $g_notify_flags


2015-06-04 05:10

reporter   ~0050869

Is this feature completely implemented?

Can I copy the patch to incorporate the DRAFT feature?



2015-06-05 03:04

developer   ~0050876

Considering that the uploaded code dates back to 2005 and was apparently developped for an alpha version of Mantis 1.0, it is highly unlikely that you will be able to apply it as-is.