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Product Version1.0.0a3 
Summary0005727: Confusing display of "Parent - Child" in relation graph

Let say I have the following Bugs (this is a cyclic sample, but the problem also appear for any situation):
Bug 0000001 parent of 0000002
Bug 0000003 parent of 0000001
Bug 0000003 parent of 0000002

When you ask the relational graph from Bug 1, you have the correct display of the relation "Child of". If you clic on bug 2 to get the display seen from onother point of view, you get a confising display. This is not the case for dependancy graph.

In think you should correct this or simply remove the arrow in case of display of relations.

Attached screen shots of the cases.

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2005-06-08 03:59


Relational Graph.doc (22,016 bytes)


2007-10-30 05:02

reporter   ~0016026

The not correct direction of relation, is present also in the 1.1.0a3 version.

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