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Summary0006062: Subprojects do not display on graph data.

Create Project A, Create Projects A1 and A2 and make them subprojects of A.

Add issues to A1 and A2. Go to the jpgraph advanced summary page for A. It will show as "Not enough data to create graph". Though when viewing each subproject, it will show properly for each Project.

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We have 4 projects which make up one of our products. 2 for the client, 2 for the server... each client and server have a "Wishlist" project where we put very low priority issues and generally feature requests we have no plan to implement soon, but want to keep a record of without showing as "open items". We created a container project which will never have any issues assigned to it directly so that support could more easily search within the product group. The graph page does not combine the subprojects.

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related to 0005474 new Graphs not showing data of subprojects 


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