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0006325mantisbtfilterspublic2019-09-26 09:12
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Product Version1.0.0rc2 
Summary0006325: Added DATETIME data type, added Simple Text Search on custom fields

Hi all,
I have done some customizations to mantis.

If anyone is interested, I have added the DATETIME data type and the Simple Text Search on custom fields.

It works great for me, but I'm a little noob of php so if you think that something is wrong.. let me know how to fix

If you like it... use it!


Additional Information

The DATETIME uses the $g_normal_date_format instead of $g_short_date_format both in input and in output (print)
on the right of the combo of hours and minutes I have printed the date format.
I thought it could be useful to avoid misunderstandings between m/d/y and d/m/y but I think you can delete it if you don't like it.

The Simple Text Search works on date/datetime fields as well, but for now I had to hardcode some MySQL specific SQL statement.. any idea to make it installation-independent is appreciated. :)

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related to 0007183 acknowledged new search function on field and custom field 


2005-10-07 11:33 (36,969 bytes)


2005-10-17 02:32

reporter   ~0011500


It'seems to me that a litte part missing, the changes to:

to something like: '0:string,1:numeric,2:float,3:enum,4:email,5:checkbox,6:list,7:multiselection list,8:date,9:datetime';



2005-10-17 03:30

reporter   ~0011501

You are right, i forgot to include my custom files. :)

In the meanwhile I have moved the define from constant_inc.php to custom_constant_inc.php

1) in your main mantis dir (not core) create a new file named custom_constant_inc.php and add following lines to it

2) in config_inc.php add the new type to enum string
$g_custom_field_type_enum_string = '0:string,1:numeric,2:float,3:enum,4:email,5:checkbox,6:list,7:multiselection list,8:date,9:datetime';

if english is not your main language, in your main mantis dir (not core) create a new file named custom_strings_inc.php and add to it following lines with your local translation (in the example italian)
$s_custom_field_type_enum_string = "0:Stringa,1:Numerico,2:Virgola mobile,3:Valori prestabiliti,4:Email,5:Checkbox,6:Lista,7:Lista a scelta multipla,8:Data,9:Data e ora";

look here for further information


2006-02-21 05:32 (21,439 bytes)


2006-02-21 05:35

reporter   ~0012201

My filter_api.php modified to enable simple text search on custom fields



2006-04-07 10:53

reporter   ~0012475

To prevent an mysqlerror when you disable 'filter_by_custom_fields' ($g_filter_by_custom_fields = OFF;)

MTW - 2005-09-29 - Search in Custom Fields

We need this to close our custom search clause

$t_textsearch_where_clause = $t_textsearch_where_clause . ")";

MTW - 2005-09-29 - Search in Custom Fields

We need this to close our custom search clause

if ( ON == config_get( 'filter_by_custom_fields' ) ) {
$t_textsearch_where_clause = $t_textsearch_where_clause . ")";
in ./core/filter_api.php



2006-04-10 11:57

reporter   ~0012484

You are right Schroedi, thank you.
I have never disabled that config option and so I never realized that error.



2006-10-11 07:37

reporter   ~0013604


could You please upload your modified PHP files again.
A modification for the actual mantis version 1.05 would be great.



2008-11-21 18:26

reporter   ~0019978

I am trying to apply this to version 1.1.4 .. Filters show sutom feilds in my version BUT search box will not return a result if I search for anything in the custom feilds. I believe this is the solution for my problem BUT I I am having problems knowing where to begin because filter_api.php was changed so much in ver 1.14 and also because this zip file lacks commenting noting only what was changed/added. 3 things:

  1. Can someone provide a diff file?
  2. Does anyone have a version of this that has already been ported to 1.1.4?
  3. Does the author of this bug report/upgrade report want to make the changes to 1.14 and upload it so I can get a copy?

Any help would be appreciated. I too am a noob to php but have some limited skill.




2008-11-22 01:26

reporter   ~0019979

Ok - I figured this out.. I ported the custom feild search and special date/time changes made by MTW to version 1.1.4 filter_api.php... Also included the bug fix by SCHROEDI noted above. Special thanks to MTW for doing a hell of a job on this. The logic does not look that simple and it is impressive for a noob. I am posting 2 fields..

  1. Moded Version 1.1.4 filter_api.php which is more or less a replacement of the "# custom field filters" section from MTW;s earlier version pasted into version 1.1.4...

  2. I am including a diff file generated by ultraedit.

Hope this is usefull and ALSO urge developers of mantis to consider this for futre revisions. It s a little more overhead on the server but is not noticable. Load times are the same on my equipment. However, the functionality of being able to search custom feilds is a HUGE benefite to users of this system.



2008-11-22 01:35

reporter   ~0019980

Sorry guys - Mantis service is messing up right now.. I keep getting this error no matter what i try to attach.

Invalid upload path. Directory either does not exist or not writable to webserver.


2008-11-25 18:16




2008-11-25 18:16

reporter   ~0020052

I have uploaded verrsion 1.1.4 with MTWs custom search mod. Enjoy



2011-01-03 02:16

reporter   ~0027774

Anyone have any idea about adding simple text search on Custom Fields for MantisBT 1.2.4



2019-09-05 07:22

reporter   ~0062733

I have this functionality almost to work under 2.22.

Only when i submit a new ticket and i leave the hours en minutes field '0' (default) the custom_field is not saved at all in de DB.
The custom_field is only saved in de DB when i change the field to another time without an '0'. Only then it is saved in the DB.

The strange thing is, that this issue doesn't apply when i try to update/edit an existing ticket. Even when the field 'datetime' is empty in the first place, the functionality works perfectly.

see also topic:;t=786

Any help is appreciated. Thx.



2019-09-26 09:12

reporter   ~0062914

datetime custom_field functionality ready in version 2.21.1

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