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0006349mantisbtotherpublic2017-01-18 10:22
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Product Version1.0.0rc2 
Summary0006349: General: logic of all the buttons & controls should be better

This is a very 'general' point but it is one that is getting more and more important as Mantis grows.

The logic in all the buttons is getting lost, a few examples:

  • The view bug page; when u are the manager/developer of a project the bug details section presents you with a large row of buttons & selectionfields here some of which are used together, some a part. The layout of the page does not clearly give you a comprehention of which are tied together.
  • The view all bugs, filter; I for one never quite know wheter to click the 'apply filter' or 'use filter' button when I change a filter option.

I'm sure I ran into problems on other points as well, but these are the ones I most encounter. They keep 'bugging' me quite often.

Impovements can be obtained by very simple means;

  • Group controls with a simple line around them.
  • Use simple tooltips with the Title option of <a></a>, or advanced with javascript.
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