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0006372mantisbtadministrationpublic2018-04-13 01:32
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Summary0006372: $g_email_receive_own should be web-configurable

should probably be a checkbox field in manage_config_email_page.php

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has duplicate 0024288 closedatrol Change email defaults to not send me an email after I make an update 
related to 0011188 acknowledged make users should receive emails for their own actions a user profile option 




2011-05-26 03:53

reporter   ~0028845

I second this! (or at least set it to Off for this site!)

(only now is see this request is 6 YEARS old :-(



2012-08-24 09:05

developer   ~0032637

at least set it to Off for this site

this was actually done several weeks ago (late June IIRC)

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