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0006574mantisbtcustomizationpublic2006-01-10 08:49
Reporterw_moroz Assigned To 
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Product Version0.19.4 
Summary0006574: adding reporter's name to my_view_page.

My back office team found it interesting so maybe you too.

adding simple

if (access_has_bug_level(config_get( 'show_reporter_name_treshold' ), $v_id )){
echo " <br /> ".user_get_name_by_id($v_reporter_id);

in the end of #summary block in my_view_inc.php will give view with reporter's name. My support team wants to know the name in order to decide to read or not the issue :).

Let me know if you also find it a good feature and if you are willing to receive other improvements which I made in mantis - or tried to :).

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