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0006651mantisbtfeaturepublic2006-01-30 04:17
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Summary0006651: Separate the requested features from the reported bugs

Actually, mantis is a bug tracking system that is also used to request new features to be added. However, features and bugs are really two different concepts.

I know there is a functionnality option in the combo box for the issue severity, but this makes the feature request be considered like a bug.

Separating these two kind of issues is really important for tracking, for statistics, and also for clarity of the information present in the system.

I think there should be a structural separation between features and bugs in Mantis.

This is a must have for a top-level issue tracker to my mind.

Additional Information

If you look at Jira, a commercial issue tracker system (, you will find the following types :
Bug / New feature / Improvement / Support Request / Task / Third Party issue, and I bet you can define you own types.

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