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0007001mantisbtbugtrackerpublic2015-09-16 04:02
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Product Version1.0.2 
Summary0007001: Project link broken on View Issues (All Projects)

When I View Issues for All Projects, the project title link above the category does not appear to be working. From the URL it appears as though it is supposed to order the bug listing by project id which would just list the bugs for each project in the order that the project was created.

I think a better functionality for that link would be to change the current project from All Projects to whichever one was selected, filtering only the bugs assigned to that project.

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related to 0009910 new CANNOT SORT PROJECT alpabetically when click on link IN VIEW ISSUES PAGE when $g_show_bug_project_links=ON. FIX IN 1.2 not 1.1x 
related to 0020117 new Project hyperlinks don't point to project page. 




2006-06-23 22:41

developer   ~0013026

Quick and dirty hack. This needs to be revisited to find a better solution to this issue...

In filter_api.php, line 2411 (the filter_ensure_valid_filter function)


    #validate sorting
    $t_fields = helper_call_custom_function( 'get_columns_to_view', array() );
    # Add special value project_id to allow sorting by project on view_all_bug_page.php ++(3 lines) Chillax,2006.06.23
    if (!in_array('project_id',$t_fields)) {
        $t_fields[] = 'project_id';
    $t_n_fields = count( $t_fields );


2008-11-28 05:28

reporter   ~0020090

I ported this change to 1.1.4... Now at least it no longer does nothing when you click on project link.. it now resorts the projects in version 1.1.4 but not exactly alphabetically. To tell you the truth, I am not sure how it sorts it actually since I see no pattern of any kind... May be by actual project ID in mySQL which is not shown in view issues. Anyway, version 1.2.x sorts them perfectly in alphabetical order.. Do you have any recommendation?

P.S. I saw a link that will remedy what the chillax orginaly reported. See ticket 6966..

<b>HOWEVER, My question about sorting BY category in view issues page is not resolved by either of these. </b>



2008-11-28 05:32

reporter   ~0020091

Sorry I am a tired and a bit drunk - happy thanksgiving!! Another typo.. My question about<b>sorting BY <u>project</u></b>.. (Category sorts fine by clicking on top table header link)



2008-11-28 05:44

reporter   ~0020092

Update - this is really strange but if I click the project in view issues page 2 times, it then sorts them alphabetically. On one click is sorts the rows but like I said, I am not sure how.. but on second try, it comes out perfect! Any ideas on this?



2008-11-28 05:55

reporter   ~0020093

Got the solution.. I have graduated from ulra php noob to semi noob ;)

COMMENTED OUT OF 1.1.4: $t_fields = helper_get_columns_to_view();

$t_fields = helper_call_custom_function( 'get_columns_to_view', array() );

Add special value project_id to allow sorting by project on view_all_bug_page.php ++(3 lines) Chillax,2006.06.23

 if (!in_array('project_id',$t_fields)) {
     $t_fields['sort'] = 'project_id';

All I had to do was add sort to the 5th line. Works like a charm



2008-11-28 06:24

reporter   ~0020094

Sorry guys - I am still a noob!!!!!!! I WAS WRONG!

Only reason it looks sorted in aphabetical order was cause I exported and reimported projects in phpmyadmin a few days ago.. the data was sorted alphabetically before I imported it..

I just added a project that was assigned item 204 and it was a project that started with letter B... It was at the bottom of the list. Therefore this code DOES sort by table ID but NOT by actual name of project.

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