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0008099mantisbtemailpublic2010-12-27 15:09
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Summary0008099: Project Level users could not get emails for my customized statuses

I checked the email log, mantis was not add project level users. Although I have set up mantis to send emails to the project level users.

Additional Information

I am not sure what happened with this part:

By the way, do I need to update the constants_inc.php as well? I searched the source code and found many references, I think if I changed the status constants, the system will not be stable.

# add project users who meet the thresholds
    $t_bug_is_private = bug_get_field( $p_bug_id, 'view_state' ) == VS_PRIVATE;
    $t_threshold_min = email_notify_flag( $p_notify_type, 'threshold_min' );
    $t_threshold_max = email_notify_flag( $p_notify_type, 'threshold_max' );
    $t_threshold_users = project_get_all_user_rows( $t_project_id, $t_threshold_min );
    foreach( $t_threshold_users as $t_user ) {
        if ( $t_user['access_level'] <= $t_threshold_max ) {
            if ( !$t_bug_is_private || access_compare_level( $t_user['access_level'], config_get( 'private_bug_threshold' ) ) ) {
                $t_recipients[$t_user['id']] = true;
                log_event( LOG_EMAIL_RECIPIENT, "bug= $p_bug_id, add project=" . $t_user['id'] );
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related to 0009406 assignedvboctor custom status field -> no email notification 


2007-06-26 17:23


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