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0008102mantisbttime trackingpublic2008-04-30 05:49
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Summary0008102: Time Tracking information incorrect

The time tracking information generated on the basis of a project seems to be wrong. I have added notes to several issues with number of hours worked. But when I access the Billing Information it shows only the time tracking of one task.

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2008-04-30 05:49

reporter   ~0017716

"... it shows only the time tracking of one task" : I don't understand what you mean with the word'task'. Do you mean 'project' ?
In this case this is expected : billing shows either the time spent on ALL projects, or the time spent a ONE given projet (depending on your current project selection).

If you are interested by the time spent on a project and all its sub-projects, have a look at 0009007 : I submitted a small patch that may do the job...

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