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0008315mantisbtbugtrackerpublic2007-09-03 04:57
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Summary0008315: Category not deletable from Issue after moving to different project

After moving an issue to a different project the issue keeps it's old category name. I can see no possibility to delete the given category from this issue. The new project has no categories and I want it to stay this way. Is there any possibility to delete the category from my issue. Or do I have to hack into mysql? Thanks in advance!

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2007-08-28 03:27

manager   ~0015544

I am interested to know why you have 0 categories. In the case where categories don't apply to a project, I typically use one category like "General" or something similar.



2007-08-28 05:11

reporter   ~0015545

I wonder what is supposed to happen when the bug has a category field not existent in the destination project (which could be quite common AFAICT)



2007-09-03 04:57

reporter   ~0015561

Thanks for the reply vboctor, and I agree that a project should have at least one category. Unfortunately, the company I work for doesn't want to use categories in this specific project...

Is there another option at the moment or do I have to delete it manually in the db (which I would like to avoid :-))?

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