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0008420mantisbtadministrationpublic2008-07-30 18:06
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Summary0008420: Mantis should inform administrators to update schema.

Especially for CVS-based installations, or those testing alpha/beta versions, it would be very useful to have Mantis check the current database configuration against the defined schema version. This would be reliant on the proposed features to password protect the admin/ section, in order to allow those files to stay in constant existence.

When core.php runs, it should check the schema defined in admin/schema.php, and compare that to the database configuration. If the database is out of sync with the schema definition, then a global variable ($g_schema_old perhaps) should be set. In html_page_top1() or html_page_top2(), it should check for this flag, and display a red message above (or in) the status line with the username/time. This message should also include a link to admin/install.php for simplicity.

Naturally, the system should make sure the user is an administrator before running the checks. If the system cannot find or read admin/schema.php, then it should just remain silent. Perhaps a token could be used as well, so that it does not check on every page load, but every 30-60 minutes instead.

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2007-10-02 15:32

reporter   ~0015793

I've just now realized that this message is already output, but only on the login page and only if the admin folder still exists (and it technically shouldn't). I still think it would be prudent to make changes to the way this operates so that the message displays at the top of every page if the current user is an admin.



2008-07-30 18:06

reporter   ~0018937

What about redirecting the admin user to the upgrade page and preventing regular users from until an admin has performed the upgrade?

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