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0008440mantisbtbugtrackerpublic2007-10-03 10:08
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Product Version1.0.8 
Summary0008440: Even if all the versions of a project are unreleased the field, Product Version, is presented on several bug screens

There is code to display or supress the display of the bug field, version, with the label, Product Version, depending on if there are any versions defined for the product.

This field should be displayed only if there are RELEASED versions defined for the project.

Steps To Reproduce

1) Create a test project
2) Define 3 version for the project
3) Edit the 3 version so tha all version are not released.
4) Report a new bug report

at this point the category Product Version shows on both the advanced and simple bug report pages.

Additional Information

The following code

$t_show_version = ( ON == config_get( 'show_product_version' ) )
|| ( ( AUTO == config_get( 'show_product_version' ) )
&& ( count( version_get_all_rows( $t_bug->project_id ) ) > 0 ) );

appears in the following files:


If the all of the version defined for the current project are unreleased then the field, product version, appears on the MANTIS page, but the list of available versions which appears in the dropdown list is empty.

I think the line:
&& ( count( version_get_all_rows( $t_bug->project_id ) ) > 0 ) );
should read
&& ( count( version_get_all_rows( $t_bug->project_id, true ) ) > 0 ) );

This will show the product verion field on the screen if the count of RELEASED versions is greater than zero.

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