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0008586mantisbtcustomizationpublic2007-11-16 09:39
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Product Version1.0.7 
Summary0008586: email notifications: setting on specific project does not work while setting on "all projects" works

In my case I've set in the GUI that all groups down to group "viewer" receive e-mail, when a new entry has been created (and the person has set its prefs adequately correct). All projects I manage are private, I've the control, who gets what kind of message - (s)he must be additionally participant of that project to get such a mails. Because that behaviour fits for most of the projects, I set this notification behaviour on "All Projects".

For few projects I've another additional requirement: The person, who is participant and has set its prefs, want only to be notified if such an issue has been resolved. Thus, I wanted to set this behaviour only on that specific projects, but this seems not to be working. Any idea?

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