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0008726mantisbtfeaturepublic2008-01-10 07:11
Reporterdib6 Assigned To 
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Product Version1.0.8 
Summary0008726: Add posibility to search for bugs by updater

I don't see any possibility to search for bugs that were updated by a certain user.
This feature is very handy. It would be nice to see it in future versions

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2008-01-10 06:13

reporter   ~0016616

Can you please check if 0008157 covers this request?



2008-01-10 07:11

reporter   ~0016617

0008157 is not exactly what I meant.
I was thinking about adding a 'Updated by:' and/or 'Commented by:' field to the search filter on View Issues page.
It would be just like 'Reporter:' or 'Assigned To:' - a drop-down user list

'Updated by' would find all bugs that were updated by the selected user
'Commented by' would find all bugs that the selected user added a note to

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