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0008894mantisbtreportspublic2008-02-15 16:44
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Summary0008894: Suggested graphs with statistics for projects

After installing the jpgraph package I felt that I was missing one graph.
I tried to do my own php-script for this feature but failed. Maybe this could be added by someone with more php-knowledge.

I'm looking for a graph as the summary_graph_bydeveloper.php but instead containg open/resolved/total in each projects instead of developer, i.e. a file named summary_graph_byproject.php ? The summary is presented as the first table in the ordinary text-summary, but not as a graph ?
This would be a great feature.

I think even more nice functionality could be added to the graph-php's that would help a testleader and the rest of a testgroup in their work. Graph's and Stats of the current project status (red->green traffic light), New/resolved bugs current day, toplists etc etc ....

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