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0008964mantisbtfilterspublic2008-03-13 17:43
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Summary0008964: "Target version", "Fixed in version" has the same value multiple times but filters across projects

Multiple occurrences of the same version name (for different projects) appear in the filter in the select boxes for "fixed in version" and "target version". But independent of the choice, the filtered list of issues works for the version name across projects (which actually is what I want!)

It would be nice to remove duplicate entries for the same version name from the drop-down select boxes.

Steps To Reproduce

I define a project with subprojects, and I define the same version names in all these projects.

When I want to filter the list of issues at the level of the top project on "target version" or "fixed in version", each version name is repeated multiple times in the SELECT.

But whichever copy of the name I select, the filter works across the project and subprojects.

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