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0009477mantisbtfeaturepublic2008-08-04 11:23
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Product Version1.1.0 
Summary0009477: Add possibility to choose the attributes in the bug pages

I deploy mantis in my society to manage not only bug but also enhancement, feature, task, ...
I've made some change in the php code to better fit our needs mainly in the IHM.
Maybe this one will interest you. I've merge the simple and the advance bug pages (view, report and update) so we can define in the get_columns_to_view the attributes you want to see in these views (COLUMNS_TARGET_REPORT_PAGE, COLUMNS_TARGET_REPORT_AVANCED_PAGE, COLUMNS_TARGET_UPDATE_PAGE, COLUMNS_TARGET_UPDATE_AVANCED_PAGE, COLUMNS_TARGET_EDIT_PAGE, COLUMNS_TARGET_EDIT_AVANCED_PAGE) defined in custom_functions_inc.php.

See sources joined (modification based on mantis 1.1.0) : bug_update_page.php, bug_view_page.php, bug_report_page.php and for configuration purpose config_inc.php. The advanced pages are no more used.

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