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0009497mantisbtfilterspublic2015-10-03 05:37
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Summary0009497: Filtering by Projection and ETA

I'm thinking now about using Projection and ETA. And I think that if we will use them, it will be good to have filtering by these fields. For example, to find all the huge tasks and to mind them when planning next releases... Or to find tiny tasks to solve them fast... But I can't see such filtering by now in Advanced filters. Is it by design and can it be changed somehow?

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2008-08-10 01:46

manager   ~0019100

There is no reason why these fields shouldn't be in the filters, at least in the advanced filters mode.



2010-05-05 04:49

reporter   ~0025399

We just started to use these fields using the same Workflow as the reporter.

Are you planning to implement this? We urgently need this.

Also it would be importand to showe these fields (configurable in "View Issues Columns") in the view issues table.



2010-05-05 04:54

reporter   ~0025400

There is a duplicate FR (0002241) which is marked as resolved but obviously the problems still exists.



2010-05-05 05:43

developer   ~0025402

Hauptmann 0002241 is not marked as resolved, it's closed as duplicate.
This is the normal way duplicates are treated at this tracker.



2011-06-17 01:46

reporter   ~0029026

Another vote for Projection and ETA as filter options, if I may. Thank you!

2015-10-03 05:37

reporter   ~0051584

Still no sign of this in 1.2.19, several years later.

Add my vote...

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