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0009556mantisbtadministrationpublic2017-11-16 09:07
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Product Version1.1.1 
Summary0009556: Easier way to add a version to a project

Could be easier to add a version to a project direct from the report bug page, without the need to go to the management page. Could exist a "Add version" button beside the versions list, so once clicked a popup could appear to enter the version, refreshing the list after.
Plus this would be necessary to add a security option to control the minumum level to let a user add a version, could be $g_add_version_threshold_min or something like this...

I can enumerate a few advantages:

  • time: possibility to add version quickly;
  • security: no need to show all the accounts associated to the project neither permit to add category for the person who just needs to add a new version;
  • control: users wouldn't be able to delete a version (this would be great) neither to link another project as a subproject.

Another issue is the size of the list becoming too long over time, so could be a configuration to show only the last X versions added or some quick way to hide old versions.

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