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0009765mantisbtcustomizationpublic2008-10-30 20:23
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Product Version1.2.0a2 
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Summary0009765: Manage Columns improvements
  • As admin, I've customized columns for a project. Now I like it enough to make it default for All Projects. So I copied the columns to All Projects (this worked), but I can't see a way to delete the customization for this project through the GUI (ok, I can do it by going to "Configuration Report" and deleting it there, but it would be cleaner if there was a button "Reset Columns to All Projects).

  • On the Manage Columns form, it would be helpful if there was an indication of which config is currently being used (user's for this project, user's for All Projects, default for this project, or default for All Projects). Same under Manage, if it's project specific or All Projects. (Say I want to temporarily add a column; when I'm done, I don't know if I should manually undo the changes, or use Reset to get back where I was).

  • And as mentioned in 0009480:0019077 of bug 0009480, the button "Update Columns as Global Default for All Projects" is confusedly named when a specific project is selected.

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